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Although oils have been used for skin care for centuries, the cosmetic market has exploded with the range of oil-based products that are now available.  There are those that are for direct application to the skin, there are oil based gels and shampoos, and various other preparations.  There is no doubt that oils can have a major impact on skin quality, especially when looking at the numerous anti-microbial and astringent properties in the components of many fruit and plant oils (excluding essential oils which are far more potent, and potentially an irritant in their pure form).  In many Asian countries for example, oils have been widely used to moisturise the skin in light of their beneficial effects, and perhaps this is why often people from Asian and Oriental backgrounds have the appearance of tighter and suppler skin.  In fact, in many countries, babies are bathed in oil to protect and moisturize their skin.

However, when recently evaluating a range of oils, I was amazed to find how many additives and artificial fragrances had been added.  It was rare to find pure oils, preferably cold compressed (as these do not contain the impurities often derived from other oil extraction processes that can potentially be very harmful). The key thing to remember when seeking oils for skin care is to try and use cold-pressed oils, and check the label to avoid additives that are included for cosmetic purposes.  There is a wide range of oils to choose from, and ideally you should select a mixture of oils based on your own specific skin needs, since different oils are known to impart different benefits to the skin.





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